We're proud to bring a 7,100 sq. ft. State-of-the-Art facility to Chicago that is specifically designed to support canine health & wellness, while increasing the bond between you and your pooch.

Located in the heart of Chicago's vibrant Ravenswood neighborhood, Urban Pooch Canine Life Center offers a higher standard of care for your urban pooch.

We have raised the bar on every aspect of the services and products that we offer to you.

  • Advanced air purification system provides the healthiest indoor environment available in Chicago
    • Triple HEPA filters, 4 zones, UV Lighting to kill airborne bacteria & viruses
  • All our floors are sealed with a triple antimicrobial sealant - ensuring the cleanest and safest play area
  • Our staff has been intensively trained by one of the top canine care experts in the country
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Urban Pooch has an extensive selection of Natural Food, Treats, Fun Toys and Accessories available in our 1,100 sq. ft. store.
We can even deliver, if that makes your life easier! (begins in August)

We offer Daycare, Cageless Boarding, Expert Grooming, Training, a Self-Wash, Massage and Social Events. Lots of natural light throughout our entire facility. Plus we have a special room where you can see the pooches through one-way glass, but they can't see you. Experience the difference!

We feel that our pooches are our children and we would only trust them to the best in care.
You have a choice and we encourage you to stop in for a tour - and guarantee you'll immediately Experience the Difference! There is no place in Chicago like Urban Pooch Canine Life Center. We even offer a reward program!

Thoughtful products and services that we offer:
  •  Daycare - by the hour flexibility
  •  Cageless Boarding - Pooch Pack Handlers on-site 24/7 and sleep with the pooches
  •  Playtime Express - Pick-up & Drop-off when it's convenient for you
  •  Expert Grooming - all breeds and sizes
  •  Natural Food, Treats, Fun Toys & Accessories
  •  Expert Food Consultation - catering to each pooch's individual needs
  •  Delivery of any retail items - right to your door with a friendly smile
  •  Training - Classes and Individual Lesson taught by certified staff
  •  Self-Wash - 3 tubs available for all sizes of dogs
  •  Massage/Reiki - By appointment and oh so soothing
  •  Social Events - Parents and Pooches 
  •  Belly Reward Program - every dollar you spend earns you valuable rewards quickly
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