Massage & Reiki

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Urban Pooches LOVE massages. Your pooch will feel like a puppy after his/her massage. Our massage therapists are licensed, experienced professionals and will consult with you prior to the massage to make certain it’s an incredible experience that leaves your canine smiling inside and out. A perfect addition to boarding to make your pooch feel extra special and relaxed while you’re away.

Reiki, an ancient Japanese technique of using light touch to instill deep relaxation, aides wellness and healing. Canines, like humans respond well to this particular kind treatment. Also excellent for supporting your canine’s recovery from injuries or surgery. Your pooch will be treated by a certified Reiki Master, who will consult with you prior to treatment.

Appointment required.
Consider adding a 15-minute massage for your canine while boarding with us.

15 minute massage - $25
30 minute massage - $45
45 minute massage - $60

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